10 Ways to Bond as a Family


  1. Emphasize the goodness in family members and de-emphasize imperfections.
  2. Resist advice giving unless you’re specifically asked for your opinion.
  3. Listen more than you talk.
  4. Don’t use sarcasm as a means of connecting.
  5. Limit alcohol consumption as it detracts from genuine relating.
  6. Pay attention to the elders and the youngest, they are more in need of your attention.
  7. Make attempts to enter the world of children; don’t spend your time in exclusive adult conversation.
  8. Resist favoring those family members whom you have most in common with, try to establish rapport with those most unlike yourself.
  9. Bring the group together through song, music, and old videos of the family’s history.
  10. Show your appreciation by giving a personal toast before meals that expresses your deepest emotions of love for those present and those missing from the past.

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