10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Drama


  • Be realistic in terms of your expectations of yourself and others.
  • Limit alcohol as it will lower tolerance and increase the chance of arguments.
  • Don’t abandon exercise as you’ll need this stress reducer more than ever.
  • Limit simple sugars as they can leave you moody and tense.
  • Focus on those you know are easy to get along and limit exposure to the drama makers.
  • Use music as a calming agent and mood elevator
  • Slow down when you’re tired and let yourself take a break from the hectic pace. Make a commitment to do so each hour.
  • Listen to how rapid or calm your speaking as a cue to monitor yourself.
  • Ask others to help when they notice you’re stressed by someone or something.
  • Remember drama is usually present in all families; we are an imperfect collection of related human beings.

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