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Nov 30

Goodness uncovered by Trauma

A few weeks ago I was talking with one of my patients about his recent release from the hospital where he was treated for a major infection. He was telling me he had to get home to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving. He was bringing the meal to his elderly parents, his mother is recovering from her second bout of breast cancer and his dad is currently struggling with the effects of Leukemia. Joe also ...
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Nov 24

A Holiday Wish- The Need for Goodness in our Troubled World

Goodness is defined as the best part of anything. Goodness is surely the best part of human beings. It is when we act with kindness, generosity, strength and integrity. Henry David Thoreau said that “goodness is the only investment that never fails”. It never fails because when we engage others with an attitude of goodness we produce what we are biologically and spiritually programmed to do. We produce the hormone oxytocin, which has been called the ...
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Nov 20

The Empathy Solution to the Bullying Crisis

Not long ago a patient of mine pleaded with me to find time to see her son in consultation. Marie is a single mom raising two boys, ages 19 and 16. She has been divorced for several years, her alcoholic husband hit her one too many times and she left him when the boys were quite young. Her oldest son Nathan has had a very troubling life, often acting out in school, quite aggressive and extremely ...
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Nov 16

Turn Fear into Strength, Anxiety into Action and Go From Getting By to Feeling Better Relatively Fast with The 5-Step Process to Change Your Story!

Tonight, we are delivering the first The Introductory Webinar Revealing the 5 Stages to Greater Love, Health and Success Get Free of “the Curse”. Are you a “High-Achiever?” You may be surprised to know that it’s not your level of success and riches that determine if you are one. | It’s less a matter of what you have achieved than the nagging desire for more. Achievers drive themselves non-stop. They often seek love and respect from what they ...
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Nov 10

Can we sustain Love without Sex?

In my last group therapy session members were discussing their levels of happiness in relation to all aspects of their lives.  This particular group ranges in age from mid-forties to mid -fifties. One of the women who was recently divorced said her major frustration in life is not having a sexual partner. “I haven’t had sex in more than a year, she kiddingly made light of the situation but we could all tell she was ...
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Oct 28

Are You a Story Teller? Truth or Consequences

In our newly released book, The Curse of the Capable we mentioned how Tiger Woods single minded focus worked successfully for him before he was married and how his life had supposedly become more balanced as he married and started a family. I don’t pretend to know Mr. Woods other than what I have read and observed so I mean no disrespect to him or his family for including him in this article.  His relevance ...
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Oct 26

Narcissism is Up, Empathy is Down, How Come?

A recent study at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research found that college students today are 40% less empathic than they were in 1979, the largest decline coming in the last decade. A review of 72 studies over three decades revealed that narcissism and self absorption are on the rise. Scientists were not able to determine clear causes for this change but some speculated that terrorism, the economy, constant news exposure, and an ...
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Oct 14

Estranged-The Dilemma of the American Couple

American couples are increasingly growing distant in a society driven by image, fears of ageing and the uncertainties of a rapidly changing world. According to the World Health Organization we have one of the highest rates of depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, diabetes and obesity in the civilized world. Our children reportedly have the highest rates of childhood diabetes and obesity, and the depression rates for children are two and a half times what they ...
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Oct 6

How to be Postive in a Negative World

When I was a young boy my father gave me Norman Vincent Peale’s book The Power of Positive Thinking and told me that after I finished the book I could move a tree if I believed I could. I read parts of the book and was admittingly a bit puzzled. I understood the point about being positive but didn’t quite understand how I could actually make myself think positive and move mountains. The instruction book ...
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Sep 20

How We Begin Each Day is Pre-Determined

I was listening to a client this morning tell me that every day when she awakens her first thoughts are always anxious. She immediately thinks of the problems she must face. Her tension is visible in the mirror as she washes her face and her perspective has already become narrowed as anxiety produces worry. Worry limits her ability to view problems objectively which in turn causes a panicky state as she walks out the door ...
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