Change Your Story, Get Free of The Curse of the Capable!


Here are the top 10 ways you can Change Your Story:

  • We all write a story about ourselves early in life, realize it is always part fiction.
  • If the mirrors you look into early in life are distorted, so is your view of yourself. Commit to seeing yourself accurately today.
  • You cannot re-write your story alone; we are all too subjective to obtain a rational view of ourselves.
  • Choose rational people to help you re-write your story, to find out the truth of who you are today.
  • Expand your empathic range so that your choice of intimate friends is growth promoting.
  • Realize that the path to true self knowledge and balance comes from sustained intimate relationships.
  • We learn the most when we commit our hearts to those around us, playing it safe keeps you static.
  • Your romantic relationships reveal more about your true story than any other human contact. Love brings our stories front and center.
  • In order to live a balanced life self care has to be a priority, taking care of oneself is never separate from the care of others. Abuse yourself and you indirectly abuse others.
  • Intimacy is the greatest predictor of a balanced life; if you don’t how to maintain love you will never overcome the negative story of the past.

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