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The Curse of the Capable – Now Available

The Curse of the Capable

ISBN: 978-1600376627
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Discover what achievers all over the world are realizing.  The story you created about yourself early in life, which is part fiction, is having a dramatic impact on your present lifestyle–how you think and live.

The assumption that all capable people in our culture have peace of mind and are satisfied with their life course is commonplace. Is this notion true? Not always. In fact millions have fallen prey to a belief system that says appearance and status provide the golden road to love and respect. In an attempt to perfect themselves, they are hiding their self doubt through constant achievement at the cost of losing balance and well-being.

Suffering from being overwhelmed emotionally and physically, exhausted and fatigued, often with the health complications of being overweight; they have felt deeply disappointed.

The Curse of the Capable describes how a biased view of yourself can lead to a fragile sense of self, addictive thinking and behavior, and a seemingly mysterious downward spiral that the majority of people can’t see or untangle.

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