Tag: "Compassion"

Sep 20

How We Begin Each Day is Pre-Determined

I was listening to a client this morning tell me that every day when she awakens her first thoughts are always anxious. She immediately thinks of the problems she must face. Her tension is visible in the mirror as she washes her face and her perspective has already become narrowed as anxiety produces worry. Worry limits her ability to view problems objectively which in turn causes a panicky state as she walks out the door ...
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Sep 11

Two kinds of Selfishness

In this morning’s group session one of our members abruptly announced he was going to take a three month trip across country with his wife and would be leaving group. Members were astounded as we have a guideline that when someone is going to leave they pick a date, and give advanced notice so we can go through a compete process of saying goodbye. This entails giving and receiving direct feedback, settling any leftover conflicts ...
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Sep 8

Burning The Quran is Burning The Heart of Humanity

     A Texas minister is advocating and planning the burning of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, as a gesture to indicate his and his congregation’s intolerance toward what he believes is Muslim violence propagated by this book and Muslim theology.     I am not a theologian so I’m not representing myself as an expert in terms of the books contents but I did read the Quran last summer as I wanted to understand its meaning ...
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Jun 17

What is a Spiritual Learner?

What is a Spiritual Learning The spiritual learner is someone who realizes there is something beyond ourselves that influences and accounts for life events—an intangible that cannot completely be explained. For many this is the work of God; for others it is the work of the “Universe;” and for others it is simply an undefined spiritual experience. A spiritual learner is a person who takes in information from diverse sources, and in terms of religion, he ...
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