Tag: "feelings"

Sep 20

How We Begin Each Day is Pre-Determined

I was listening to a client this morning tell me that every day when she awakens her first thoughts are always anxious. She immediately thinks of the problems she must face. Her tension is visible in the mirror as she washes her face and her perspective has already become narrowed as anxiety produces worry. Worry limits her ability to view problems objectively which in turn causes a panicky state as she walks out the door ...
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Jul 2

Coaching or Psychotherapy? Which is right for you?

       In recent weeks I have had several clients ask me what the difference is between executive coaching, psychotherapy, positive psychology coaching, and supportive psychotherapy. In general many people don’t know the difference between coaching and therapy and find it difficult to decide who to call to successfully reach their goals.      Due to limited space I cannot describe the differences among these modalities in detail but let me outline a few key distinctions that may ...
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