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Apr 29

The Power of a Suppotive Story. The Basic Unit of a Positive Psychology.

John-Allen here, co author of The Curse of the Capable. What is "the curse" of the capable person? Well there are several definitions of the curse, depending on how comprehensive a picture of a persons psychology you want to look at and your perspective, but here are the recurring definitions that have developed in getting feedback from hundreds of people. There is the core definition of the curse, that is the basis of the book by Dr ...
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Nov 16

Turn Fear into Strength, Anxiety into Action and Go From Getting By to Feeling Better Relatively Fast with The 5-Step Process to Change Your Story!

Tonight, we are delivering the first The Introductory Webinar Revealing the 5 Stages to Greater Love, Health and Success Get Free of “the Curse”. Are you a “High-Achiever?” You may be surprised to know that it’s not your level of success and riches that determine if you are one. | It’s less a matter of what you have achieved than the nagging desire for more. Achievers drive themselves non-stop. They often seek love and respect from what they ...
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