Turn Fear into Strength, Anxiety into Action and Go From Getting By to Feeling Better Relatively Fast with The 5-Step Process to Change Your Story!


Tonight, we are delivering the first The Introductory Webinar Revealing the 5 Stages to Greater Love, Health and Success

Get Free of “the Curse”.

Are you a “High-Achiever?”

You may be surprised to know that it’s not your level of success and riches that determine if you are one.

| It’s less a matter of what you have achieved than the nagging desire for more.

Achievers drive themselves non-stop. They often seek love and respect from what they achieve and how they look. Yet, they feel something is missing but can’t quite put their finger on it.

They tend to exhaust themselves and others.

Even when they succeed, there’s still something missing and they will usually turn right to the next thing.

Athletes usually have it. Actors often struggle with it. And as you read these words, millions of people, from all walks of life, are suffering with “the curse.”

The Curse Is…

…a combination of drive, capability and an inner dialogue that is driving many people into the ground.

An addiction to performance, this endless drive to do more, win more, have more, look better is turning most people into high achievers without the needed support, and blocking them from the success and satisfaction they want even when they do succeed.

| Even when you do “win,” does it feel less than satisfying?

>>> It’s not fun—and it’s NOT the road to balanced success.  <<<<

It’s a deadly dance with emptiness, and dissolution that ruins relationship, sabotages success and robs you of your energy, vitality and life.

If any of these feels familiar…

If you suspect that you may be a “high-achiever” then you know this in your gut to be true for you.

You also need to know that you can change your story.

That’s exactly what you’ll discover how to do in this Introductory Webinar with Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli, Clinical Psychologist and Harvard Medical School Instructor, and coauthor John Allen Mollenhauer, leading authority in Performance Lifestyle training and coaching, who will discuss the contents of their newly released book The Curse of the Capable: The hidden challenge to a balanced and healthy, high-achieving life.

Get ready to drop the weight of the past:

Turn Fear into Strength, Anxiety into Action and Go From Getting By to Feeling Better Relatively Fast with The 5-Step Process to Change Your Story!

Space is limited, so

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Moderator: Jeff Betman, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

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About the Author

John-Allen Mollenhauer (aka “John Allen” or “JAM”) is the co-author of the book The Curse of the Capable, (Fall 2009) by Harvard Psychology Instructor Arthur P Ciaramicoli PhD. He is a leading lifestyle performance coach and founder of both PerformanceLifestyle.com where he works with goal oriented people (working parents, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs) who learn how to get free of the hidden challenges to a balanced, healthy high achieving life by improving their lifestyle. Also an entrepreneur, he has created many solutions for people who want to learn the next level in healthy living, such as ManageYourEnergy.com, NutrientRich.com and MyTrainer.com. He appears frequently on radio and television shows, including Comcast CN8, WTBQ, Air America, MoJo Radio, and others. He is a featured speaker at the Annual CoachVille Conference, the National Health Association Annual Conference, and the Monkey Bar Gym Fitness Chain. He speaks at corporations and business conferences including all types where listeners and attendees discover Performance Lifestyle. He is a regular contributor to the award winning Health Science Journal.

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